Glass Tiles

These are becoming more popular with time. The translucent quality of the glass gives it an entirely different look to ceramic or stone.
The styles range from Olde world rustic to clean contemporary.
They can be used for an entire wall or inserted only as a border or inlay with other tiles or stone.
Glass is frost-proof and can be also used for exterior applications.

Natural Stone

Natural stone looks great and can offer some truly unique surface textures as well as durability. Whether you choose Limestone, Granite, Basalt, Slate, Marble or Travertine, your stone tiles will provide a beautiful finish.
The quality of laying the tiles is paramount and must be of a very high standard especially if you want narrow joints. Careful installation & sealing of your stone tiles is very important.
We can provide the grout, adhesives and sealants required to help correctly install and protect the stone and ensure it is easy for you to clean and maintain.


Porcelain tiles have been the industry standard for quality & durability. These tiles offer the hardest, most durable surface you can put on your floor or walls. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties, they will last a lifetime and require minimum of upkeep. Available from all top manufacturers, they can be used for kitchen and bathroom splash-backs, shower areas, bathrooms and any floor surface.
They are also available with special textures for use outdoors in patios & pathways. Glazed versions are known for their high range of colour variation, giving a richer customised look.


Ceramics are made with a low fired clay bisque.
They are appropriate for lighter use areas such as bathrooms & kitchen splash-backs. Colours can range anywhere on the spectrum from contemporary to a heavily hand-made look.
Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of embellished and painted decorative options.
We have years of tiling experience at RJS and pride ourselves in the quality of work we do.  We can help or advise on design also if you need help in figuring out what you would like, we are always happy to help.

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